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The need for reliable data migration services

Data migration sure seems like a daunting task but is a critical change worth looking into, especially for businesses waiting to make the right move. You may need to migrate data because of different reasons, such as when upgrading storage options or making vendor changes. So, it’s highly imperative that you choose the right solutions provider. At Ornate Informatics Pvt. Ltd, we understand the need for a smooth migration for the success of any project and collaborate with different stakeholders as may be necessary.

Our team at Ornate Informatics Pvt. Ltd can handle every aspect of migration services – from strategizing and development to the eventual execution. No matter what the data format or the location of it, our experienced data migration consultants can safely handle it and get it to wherever it needs to go. We put into use industry-best and tried-and-tested methodologies, include industry-specific best practices and follow data privacy standards. We offer a seamless experience, prioritizing security and ensure non-disruption of the core business processes.


Our process

From pre-migration to post-migration activities, our team at Ornate Informatics Pvt. Ltd follows a thorough approach to ensure zero disruption of your business continuity.

Here are some of the best practices that we follow:

  • We assess the need of the organization, the processes, and the technology in use.
  • We review the existing setup, take stock of the content inventory and user activity.
  • Our team of experts determines the scope of the migration including key business units and other functional areas.
  • We define the downtime tolerance limits, migration timeframe, and other security concerns that may arise when migrating the existing setup.
  • We design the migration roadmap and come up with detailed plans for implementation of each phase of the same to make it a seamless experience.
  • We take care of all software installations and customizations.
  • We migrate all existing content/ data to the newer platform and handle conversions manually wherever necessary.
  • We take care of the validation upon migration, beef up security wherever necessary, and monitor the performance of the new system.
  • Our technical team dishes out comprehensive, technical and business training to everyone tasked with using the new system.

Why work with us?

Ornate Informatics Pvt. Ltd is a market leader in providing expert data migration services. We have clients from different industry verticals, who’ve trusted us to handle their data time and again. With over 15+ years of experience, we can proudly claim to know a thing a two about secure migration projects, something that separates us from our competition.

  • We’ve handled secure data migration projects for hundreds of small and big enterprises from different industry verticals.
  • We come up with robust and bespoke data migration projects for blue-chip enterprise clients.
  • We deliver streamlined data migration services for software vendors looking for on-premise or cloud solutions.

We’ve helped many enterprises navigate the digital landscape, and have come up with strategic solutions that yield tangible results. Connect with us now to know more about our range of services and find out how we can handle your data migration needs.

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