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Robust IT break-fix services

Ornate Informatics is in the business of extending the lifespan of mission critical IT infrastructure. Our multi-vendor break-fix IT support covers the complete IT infrastructure of your business. We provide end-to-end maintenance support for the smallest node at your office to the data centre. At Ornate Informatics Pvt. Ltd, we support servers, end-user devices, network and storage devices, wireless network devices, telecommunication equipment, audio-visual equipment, EPOS systems, and more. Our services are tailored to suit business requirements whether you have a big enterprise or a small boutique business.


Smart, around-the-clock support

Don’t let hardware fails impact your business potential. Find someone ready to resolve hardware issues on the fly, so that your business can get up and running in no time. At Ornate Informatics Pvt. Ltd, our network of qualified engineers and industry-best break-fix expertise allows us to offer a host of hardware repair and replacement services and emergency support within a fixed timeframe. We offer quick turnarounds for business-critical hardware so that your business faces minimal disruption due to any untoward incident. Our IT break-fix service is a commitment to our clients that we’d be available 24/7 for when the unexpected happens

Why opt for our break-fix services?

We at Ornate Informatics Pvt. Ltd are experts in providing repair and replacement services for all kinds of defective hardware. Our team of experts can skilfully handle a wide range of repair tasks, including the following.

  • Mounting and un-mounting of various network devices
  • Replacing motherboards and handling board-level repairs
  • Replacing memory DIMMs
  • Installing and servicing printers and scanners
  • Installation of PCs and Macs
  • Installation and configuration of routers and switches
  • Handling network cabling and patching
  • Maintenance of the server room

Here’s why you need our assistance.

  • At Ornate Informatics Pvt. Ltd, we minimise business disruption when business-critical IT hardware fails. We make sure that the problem gets resolved at the earliest.
  • While most technology and support providers dish out next-day responses for all standard issues, your end users would not appreciate the delay, and thus, we provide same-day resolutions for most issues.
  • When an issue can’t be resolved remotely, we do not wait for the next day, but instead schedule an engineer visit on the very day, so that the faulty hardware can either be repaired, or replaced, whatever is necessary to avoid business productivity dropping to zero.
  • At Ornate Informatics Pvt. Ltd, we team up with the best technology vendors who specialise across different technologies.

Looking to extend the lifespan of legacy IT assets? At Ornate Informatics Pvt. Ltd, we provide robust and reliable break-fix IT hardware support services at competitive rates. We are known to dish out services at prices 50% less than what OEMs offer. Despite more and more IT services shifting to the cloud, your business still needs a proper strategy for dealing with the maintenance of active hardware components and this is where we come into the picture. Our team at Ornate Informatics Pvt. Ltd thus becomes a single point of contact for quality hardware management that is not only cost-effective but also guarantees complete peace of mind.

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