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Believe it or not, but managing data centres is a critical part of any business, whether you have an on-premise server or have it virtualized in a co-location campus. The importance of managing it cannot be overstated, as even the tiniest disruption can hinder the steady flow of business operations, thereby leading to losses in revenue and more. As a company offering robust data centre management services, we offer a team of experts or a single data centre manager to keep everything running at optimum capacity and help employees/ workforce access mission critical data without fail.


What Does Data Centre Management Include?

Date centre management usually involves overseeing a series of services and processes related to the data centres. So, it typically includes dealing with a host of equipment, data, software, and the maintenance and security of all that. At Ornate Informatics Pvt. Ltd., we typically deal with the following.

  • Maintenance of hardware and software, including but not limited to handling installations and updates.
  • Offering connectivity solutions to third parties using Network Service Providers and Internet Service Providers.
  • Managing application and data storage, coupled with its flow and distribution.
  • We plan and implement robust backup technologies and methodology.
  • We handle disaster recovery and thorough continuity planning.
  • We provide day-to-day technical support and even provide emergency support.


Data centre management is basically the centralisation of the data management services thereby helping in streamlining various processes. It thus allows the workforce to efficiently access, use, and change the data according to their needs, all in real-time. At Ornate Informatics Pvt. Ltd., we help businesses to use the data collected in intelligently planning, monitoring, and scaling up bandwidth, operations, and server capacity as the need be.

Benefits of Using Our Data Centre Management Services

Data centre management is an invaluable insight for big and small enterprises looking to drive digital transformation. If incorporated properly, it can heighten efficiency, bring about operational agility, streamline day to day processes, and plan for the future. Some of its notable benefits include the following.

  • Identifying key assets within the data centre ecosystem.
  • A quicker rollout of new, key types of equipment and processes.
  • Better cost savings through cross-connect services over the internet and cloud service provider nodes.
  • Heighten overall operational efficiency leading to improved energy and cooling costs.
  • Incorporating better technologies to streamline probable revenue streams and aid in new partnerships.


We at Ornate Informatics Pvt. Ltd. are known for providing industry-best data centre management services. Therefore, we provide support, maintenance, and proper optimisation of client data centres. Our services are designed to make sure that companies can leverage the true potential of their data centre infrastructure, by giving them better service at cost-effective rates. Currently, we’ve been providing 24/7 assistance to many big and small enterprises. Our managed services seamlessly integrate into our client’s IT operations, allowing them better support and engineering.

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