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At Ornate Informatics Pvt. Ltd, we provide a comprehensive range of cyber security services to businesses big and small that are lacking in protecting their own business data. By investing in the latest cyber security management solutions, we heighten their business continuity strategy. We take pride in our extensive knowledge in cyber security testing and prevention solutions that are put into use to eliminate the risk of data loss. Our team not only acts in a strategic advisory capacity but also offers a hands-on implementation of various cyber security solutions. At Ornate Informatics Pvt. Ltd, we protect you from the threats of today and tomorrow.


Network penetration testing

We have a team of ethical hackers and a stringent hacking process designed to identify and eliminate any and all security vulnerabilities by conducting a series of simulated attacks.

We also offer solitary pen testing or scheduled penetration testing to enterprises that seek to maintain their regulatory compliance. Upon completion of the tests, a thorough test report is presented with a detailed breakdown of vulnerabilities that pose a threat or can be exploited. We make necessary recommendations for optimising network security.


Data centre management is basically the centralisation of the data management services thereby helping in streamlining various processes. It thus allows the workforce to efficiently access, use, and change the data according to their needs, all in real-time. At Ornate Informatics Pvt. Ltd, we help businesses to use the data collected in intelligently planning, monitoring, and scaling up bandwidth, operations, and server capacity as the need be.

At Ornate Informatics Pvt. Ltd, our penetration testing process includes:


  • Multiple network password attacks
  • Security testing of applications and its database.
  • Simulated phishing attacks
  • VPN and remote access testing
  • We check wireless network security and the overall firewall configuration
  • We check portable devices such as smartphones and tablets
  • We conduct through infrastructure layer testing and heighten web server security

Data loss prevention and complex firewall management

At Ornate Informatics Pvt. Ltd, we make sure that you do not have to face threats alone. We offer industry-best support to enhance your organisation’s cyber resilience. We put into effect a comprehensive range of data prevention applications that eliminates the threat of data loss.

We also provide robust firewall management services to beef up security. We make sure that your firewall maintenance and administration is handled by a trusted network security expert. This includes the following:

  • A robust firewall configuration and its deployment
  • Timely performance monitoring and reporting
  • Scheduled health checks and firewall updates
  • Backup and recovery configuration
  • Point-to-point VPN configuration
  • DMZ implementation

Why choose our cyber security management services?

At Ornate Technologies, we help you with a team, the technology, and the intelligence required to be able to proactively hunt and eliminate threats before they impact your organisation. By using the data we develop and implement a more accurate and precise threat detection system that gets triggers automatic incident response actions.

  • At Ornate Informatics Pvt. Ltd we have the intelligence and skills to identify and address threats.
  • We work closely with your team, applying our expertise that we’ve amassed across a range of industry verticals. We meet our clients’ security needs and guide them through every step of the process.
  • Our responsive team strives to deliver nothing but the best! We hope to support and exceed your expectations. We follow a customer-first policy, allowing us to better help our clients in every way possible and forge long-lasting relationships.
  • We are not limited by our set of tools and constantly innovate to offer the best solutions to clients. We are flexible in our approach and the technologies we use.

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